The fourth pillar of the Roshen Nair Foundation centers on social responsibility. At its core, this pillar emphasizes our collective duty to give back to the community and contribute to societal growth. This can manifest in various forms, including teaching, community service, fundraising, and more.


The Roshen Nair Foundation is committed to setting an example by actively supporting multiple nonprofit organizations worldwide. To date, we have educated over 250 students and raised more than $51,000 for 12 different nonprofit organizations across the globe. These endeavors have received recognition from various organizations and awards.

Taught (Maths, Chess & Leadership)


Kids Since 2019
Raised over


For various non profit organizations
Has contributed to


Non Profit Organizations till date
Have volunteered over


Hours since 2019

I was honored to receive the 2022 Presidential Gold Service Award for my 272 hours of community service through the Roshen Nair Foundation in 2022 alone.

Roshen Nair Foundation has raised the following funds (Since June 2019) for the eleven non-profit organizations listed below.

HECSA (Hindu Educational and cultural society of America)


Different Art Center (DAC) in India
Sponsoring differently abled kids at DAC since Jan 2021, Supporting various science projects @ DAC


Chinmaya Mission Portland


Portland Chess Club


Oregon Chess Federation


Blanchet House (Blanchet House / Blanchet Farm )


PRCA (Patricia Reser Center for Arts) project undertaken by the Beaverton Arts Foundation


Boy Scouts of America (Troop 208) (Camp4All campaign by Cascade Pacific Council, Troop 208 donations, Eagle project donations to BSA scouts, etc)




Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation




Adi Parashakti and Sai Educational Center


Total funds raised (Since June,2019)