About Roshen
& his Vision


Roshen Nair Foundation was established in June 2019 during my seventh-grade year. Before its inception, I had been actively involved in offering chess services to the community, drawing upon my chess accomplishments at the state, national, and international levels dating back to 2014. As I extended these services to encompass mathematics and leadership, it became evident that consolidating these efforts into a single entity would be advantageous. This realization was one of the driving factors behind the creation of the Roshen Nair Foundation. During that same year, I completed a school project using “Google Sites” and applied that knowledge to build the first website for my organization.The Roshen Nair Foundation serves as a dedicated organization, running Chess, Math, and Leadership clubs for various non-profit institutions while simultaneously hosting fundraising events to support 11 non-profit organizations around the world.The primary aim of the Roshen Nair Foundation is to instill an interest in Chess, Math, and Leadership in children on both a national and international scale. We achieve this by offering free instructional lessons in Math and Chess, providing complimentary game analysis and supervised practice games for Chess, and conducting various leadership projects to assist those in need within the community. In our Math and Chess teaching sessions, we cover fundamental concepts, rules, strategic ideas, and more. Additionally, for Chess, we organize supervised practice games with subsequent game analysis. We also arrange nationally rated tournaments to help children prepare for the Oregon State Scholastic Chess tournaments and beyond. At present, we are operating at full capacity, with a total of 110 students organized into four batches. Our students come from various regions in North America, primarily the USA, spanning all time zones, as well as Asia.In addition to our educational endeavors, we have successfully raised over $45,000 since June 2019, benefiting eleven non-profit organizations both nationally and internationally. Detailed information about these fundraising initiatives can be found on our fundraising page.


Roshen Nair Foundation gives students expert instruction and guidance in their areas of interest by helping them improve their critical-thinking skills, strengthen their deductive reasoning, learn meaningful life lessons, and earn recognition for their talents. Training is provided in chess, math, and leadership at little to no cost. In the process,Roshen Nair Foundation contributes to several non-profit organizations worldwide.


To transform lives by empowering young minds to develop skills and achieve their goals in life.


Roshen Nair Foundation logo incorporates the 4 key pillars that constitute the core of this Foundation. Below, you can see how the different pillars of Roshen Nair Foundation (chess, math, leadership, and social responsibility) each contributed to the composition of the logo.