Throughout my engagement in diverse extracurricular activities, I've dedicated myself to cultivating my leadership abilities, which have played a significant role in shaping my identity today. Over the years, my involvement in activities such as Boy Scouts has allowed me to sharpen my leadership and communication skills, enabling me to become a more proactive and impactful leader across various facets of my life.

Since establishing the Roshen Nair Foundation in 2019, a substantial portion of my endeavors has been directed toward guiding and mentoring fellow students in honing their leadership skills. My aim is to empower them to take on leadership roles that drive growth and positive change within our community.


Roshen’s Leadership Profile

I've served numerous leadership roles throughout my life, both within school and through my extracurricular engagements. These experiences have not only enabled me to refine my leadership and teamwork skills but have also empowered me to contribute positively to our community. Here are some of the leadership positions I have held:

Boy Scouts

  • Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 16, following 5 and a half years of dedicated leadership, service, and teamwork.
  • Held various leadership positions, including Senior Patrol Leader, which is the highest leadership role within a Boy Scouts Troop (I am a member of Troop 208 — a troop with over 40 years of history). I also served in roles such as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Scribe, Historian, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, and Quartermaster.

Oregon Chess Federation
Board of Directors

  • The Oregon Chess Federation serves as the official state affiliate for both US Chess and Northwest Chess within the state of Oregon. It holds the prestigious position as the highest governing body for chess in Oregon and is the sole organization from the state recognized at the national level by the United States Chess Federation. The board of directors is composed of seven members who are elected by the members of the Oregon Chess Federation every two years. The Director Board collectively oversees and manages the affairs and initiatives of the Oregon Chess Federation.
  • I was nominated and elected to serve two consecutive two-year terms on the esteemed 7-member Board of Directors of the Oregon Chess Federation.
  • My responsibilities on the Board included serving as Secretary, Director of Fundraising, and Director-At-Large.
  • Serving on this board entails policy-making, tournament organization, collaboration with fellow board members, other chess organizations, and clubs within the state, and a dedicated commitment to promoting chess throughout the state of Oregon.

From right to left : Wilson Gibbins (President), Roshen Nair (Director for Fundraising and Secretary), Mike Morris (Treasurer), Dave Murray (Tournament Coordinator)

Missing in the picture: Greg Markowski (Director-at-Large) & Eric Holcomb (Director-at-Large)

Beaverton Mayor's Youth Advisory Board Member

    The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board is a Mayor-appointed group of high school students who provide youth input on city policies and programming.

    The committee's duties include:

  • Educating the general public concerning issues affecting youth through the publication of information and public forums
  • Making recommendations concerning solutions to specific problems affecting youth in the city
  • Performing conciliatory services that do not conflict with the functions of any other government agency or city department
  • Providing review and comment to elected officials and decision-makers regarding public issues, projects, and proposals which have a significant impact on the youth
  • Representing the views of youth to the general community

Blanchet House

  • Spearheaded and executed several service projects, including clothing, food and care kit drives, to assist homeless individuals in our community through the Blanchet House.

School Clubs

  • Led several school clubs, including the Chess Club, Math Club, and Computer Science Club