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Roshen Nair on KATU ABC 2 Television Channel

On June 12th, 2023, Roshen was invited to the KATU ABC 2 Television Channel to talk about his life experiences and his vision for Roshen Nair Foundation.

In the interview, Roshen discussed his life journey so far, particularly how his interests in chess, mathematics, leadership (through Boy Scouts), and community service had been developed from a very young age. He also touches on the life-changing experience he had at the 2018 North American Open, and how his vision for having other kids experience the same happiness he did led him to start Roshen Nair Foundation. 

Here are a few of Roshen’s quotes from the interview:

“That happiness I felt at the moment I played that final move with so many people from all over the world (South America, Europe, Asia, etc.) all crowding around me, that feeling, that joy, was what I wanted to give to other kids in the community. That was my whole motivation behind starting Roshen Nair Foundation.”

“Education is the most powerful resource a person can have in our modern world, especially for youth.”

“A lot of people see failure as a barrier towards growth and opportunity. For me, I look at it like this: I am not afraid of failure. Failure is the best teacher in life. Everyone needs failure in order to improve. I know I’ve had lots of failures that have guided me on the path to the successes that have built me into what I am today.”

You can see the full interview at the following link: